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facebook_iconA Word from Rev. Roy Trepanier

Ezra Canada is an "end-time" ministry based on Isaiah 49:22, where God says. . .
"See, I will lift up my hand to the nations (Gentiles); they will bring your sons in their arms and carry your daughters on their shoulders". This Scripture is saying that in the last days, God will use the Gentiles to bring His people back to Israel. The Gentiles are you and me, folks. Continued
Rev. Roy's Bio. (PDF)

News and Blessings

Welcome to our Ezra Canada Representatives.

(L-R) Western Ontario District, Rick and Elaine Bedard (see Bio.) and Ryan and Mary Pearce (see Bio.) for the Southern Ontario District.”


Rev. Roy and Mariette meet Mr. Jon Voight, a HUGE lover and supporter of Israel. Mr. Voight was the guest speaker for the United Jewish Appeal Gala Campaign kick-off at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto but took the time to congratulate Ezra Canada/Int’l for the great work they are doing in the Aliyah. Rev. Roy gifted Mr. Voight with two Israel/Canada lapel pins, Rev. Barry Wagner’s book, “ And Still They Come ...Israel’s Final Return” and an Ezra Canada information packet.

Rev. Roy introduces Ezra Ministry to Ms. Clare Lopez, Strategic Policy and Intelligence expert with a 20 year career in the C.I.A. at luncheon in Toronto. Ms. Lopez is a huge lover and supporter of Israel.

Movie trailer: Israel Inside, How a small nation makes a big difference.

Rev. Roy meets and chats with the dynamic freedom-fighter, Pamela Geller at the Toronto Zionist Center, May 13, 2013.

Article (PDF): Ezra Teaching by Michael Utterback, Must Read !!

Pastor Comments

February 2015
Mohawk Pentecostal Church,
1984 York Rd. Deseronto ON.
Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory,. K0K 1X0
Hello Rev. Roy :

Thank you for the powerful presentation, the Word & blessing that you, your wife & Ezra Ministries brought to us this month. We were looking forward with expectation to receiving factual & unedited footage of what is really taking place in Ukrainel. You related the heart of God to us and pointed the church to once again focus on Israel where God is drawing His Chosen people home in these last days. May we as individuals catch that vision, to know His Word pertaining to His Jewish people. There is an expectancy but also an urgency in your message. The video was very graphic & certainly portrayed the current conditions and the need for churches to rally support for this ministry.


May God continue to give you strength & insight so as to present the burden that The Lord placed on your heart. It's really God's heart for His Chosen people that you are speaking. The Body of Christ must continue to emphasis what the Word says, to believe it & obey it as we continue to pray for Jerusalem. Those who honor God's people will be blessed & protected in these last days.


Thank you for touching our hearts with untainted truth. We must support Israel, our future is dependent on it!!

Blessings from MPC.
Pastor David Bobeer

Sept. 23rd, 2014
Dear Rev Roy:

Milton City Church and I want to thank you very much for bringing the message of Ezra Ministry to us. Your visit has not only educated us but has also stirred up a renewed interest in our hearts. Questions have been asked and interest is driving us into research about God’s Chosen people.. We really truly give God thanks for you and your wife and all of Ezra Canada.

We look forward to having you back again, but this time we will combine together with other churches. We are praying and will continue to pray for greater open doors for you and Ezra Canada as you strive to bring the spoken word of God’s prophetic Aliyah program to the body of Christ.

Jerry Samuels,
(Pastor) New World Ministries,
Milton, ON.
647 863 1000

Hello Dear Brother Roy:

I just wanted to express our thanks again for your message this past Sunday, April 06, 2014. It was a wonderful and informative meeting and everyone was encouraged and uplifted by all that Scripture has to say regarding God’s Chosen People and the blessings that God offers for those who, love, pray for and support the “apple of His eye” !!

We will continue to pray for your ministry and these very special people of God and we look forward to having you again in the future, Lord willing.

Till then, May the Lord richly bless you, your family and Bro. Matthew and his family.

Sincerely, Pastor Mark David Campbell
United Pentecostal Church
2521 Dundas St. W. , Oakville, ON.

Dear Rev. Roy and Sis Mariette,
Shalom Pastor Roy!!

You brought us great delight when you have visited us the second time not just to share to us the ministry of EZRA Canada but also to encourage us in our First year Anniversary. I hope you have had fun.

Thank you for presenting to us the message and ministry of EZRA CANADA. You have made it easy for us to understand how the end time prophecy is being fulfilled as it unfolds right before our eyes through the nation of Israel. We truly believe that the Lord's coming is at hand and it could be in our day and age. You have made it clear to us through your video presentation how the ministry of EZRA CANADA helps in bringing back God's people to their land. Feeding and helping them to move and begin anew in their own land is a challenge that should resonate with the Christian community at large.

I will try to connect you to some Pastor's in the Philippines and hopefully the Lord could provide an EZRA representative there.

In Christ,
Pastor Richard Fababeir
Direct: 416-319-3201


To Rev. Roy & Ezra Canada:

What a great delight it was to have Rev. Roy Trepanier and his wife with us in our morning service on Sunday, March 11, 2012. They presented the vision and the ministry of Ezra Canada in a clear and concise manner.

We learned, through a video presentation, how Ezra Canada is assisting Jewish people with the basic necessities of life, and is helping them to move back to their home country, Israel. Rev. Roy also shared from the Bible what Jehovah has said about His chosen people – the Jews.

The presentation was quite challenging, educational and moving. Support for the mission was presented. Each one knew how they could participate, as information material was given to each adult present.

I would recommend other churches receive Rev. Roy and his wife so that this message may be presented to their congregation. This is a ‘must hear’ message. Yahweh, God required it to be so. There are blessings promised to all who will respond.

Thank you for the enlightenment Rev. Roy ./p>

Rev. Lloyd. E. Linton, Sr. Pastor,
The Chief Cornerstone Tabernacle of Praise Ministries Canada Inc.
Toronto, Ontario.

Hi Rev. Roy:

Thank you for opening up the Scriptures to us as they relate to God's Chosen people, Israel. Many in our church today come with questions about Israel, Bible prophecy, and the Jewish people, and are wondering how these current topics relate to them as individuals. Ezra Canada exists to Rescue, Return and Restore the Jewish people to their "Promised" land, Israel. Our congregation was wonderfully reminded of the "Blessings" of blessing Israel, and how the promises of God will never fail.

Pastor Ron Pakulat, Arthur Pentecostal Assembly, Arthur, Ontario.

Ezra Canada

It was really a great joy to have you at our celebration service this past Sunday. We were so blessed by your ministry of Ezra Canada, and how important it is for the church to know about God's plan for Israel. Many of our people were deeply impacted by the message you brought, and the conviction the both of you carry for God's chosen people, the Jews. May the Lord prosper and open doors for this message to be impacted across the nation.

Blessings, Pastor Alvin Koh, Spring-Life Christian Fellowship, Willowdale, Ontario.

Blessings, Rev. Roy and Ezra Canada,

Thank you for your informative and inspiring ministry with us. What a wonderful reminder to us of the truth that GOD HAS A PLAN for Israel and for his church. Our congregation was enouraged to hear of the soon return of Jesus from a Jewish perspective and blessed, also, for the reminder of God's grace to us Gentiles through His dealings with His chosen people. May the guiding and providing hand of the Master be continually evident in the expanding ministry of Ezra Canada.

Pastor Terry Grimes, Calvary Pentecostal Church, Lindsay, Ontario.